84 Porter Rd, Tower City, Pennsylvania 17980

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Powder Coating Ovens email: tedsfab@gmail.com

Powder Coating Ovens email: tedsfab@gmail.com

Powder Coating Ovens email: tedsfab@gmail.com Powder Coating Ovens email: tedsfab@gmail.com




Q. What is the biggest oven Ted's fabrication currently makes?

    A. we currently make our standard 40x44x72 internal size oven configured as either a base oven or deluxe. in a flat floor version or with casters.


Q. I see that you make electric ovens, would you consider building gas fired ovens?

    A. no

Q. Are all of your ovens single phase 220v-240v? I have 3 phase in my shop.

    A. yes all of our ovens are single phase 220v-240v, the heating system is 220-240v while the controls are 120v.  While we have been asked to make our ovens in 3 phase, we feel that there is not enough interest in stocking products for 3 phase applications.

Q. I need an oven a little bit different than what you have listed, can you accommodate a size oven that is smaller than your biggest oven ?

    A. no, we do not offer custom sized ovens we only offer the few select ovens that are listed on our oven page

Q. Do you currently have any ovens in stock?

    A. We do not stock any ovens, all ovens are built to order

payment options

Q. What forms of payment do you take?

    A. We currently take checks, certified funds, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover.  If paying by check, the check must clear before we release the freight for shipping. If you pick your job up here at our shop either pre pay, or you must pay cash here.


Q. How are the ovens crated for shipping?

    A. Custom pallets are created for all ovens that are shipped. and secured to the pallet

Q. Do I pay Ted's Fabrication directly for shipping costs? 

    A. No, you will not pay us direct. We can get a price quote  through a brokerage company, when we ship we have the customer set up shipping through the brokerage company. We will work with you on getting the best rate.

Q. I would like to set up my own freight arrangements?

    A. You are more than welcome to setup your own arrangements, however you must use the pickup date we give you, do not tell a freight company to come here on a date not given by us, we will reject them and they may charge you.

general questions

Q. Can I pick up my oven in person?

    A. Yes, you can - when picking up your order please make sure you bring straps, and tarps if the weather is supposed to be bad

Q. Can I pick up my order on the weekend?

    A. You can pick up on certain weekends, we have a normal Mon-Fri schedule, weekends are by appointment only and typically only during morning hours, we cannot accommodate to your schedule when you feel like picking up