84 Porter Rd, Tower City, Pennsylvania 17980

(717) 647-7818

Powder Coating Ovens email: tedsfab@gmail.com

Powder Coating Ovens email: tedsfab@gmail.com

Powder Coating Ovens email: tedsfab@gmail.com Powder Coating Ovens email: tedsfab@gmail.com

ordering an oven


1.  Email us at Tedsfab@gmail.com or call us at 717-647-7818 with what you are looking to purchase.

2. Invoicing is done by email, you will have a proper invoice for the order at the time of ordering.

3.  You may pay over the phone or by invoice. We are email friendly and often deal with customers who work odd hours and can only communicate via email, our invoicing system allows payment by invoice that is user friendly. 

4. Payments, as of April 2016  a minimum deposit is no longer required.  Full payment must be made 2 weeks prior to the expected shipping date. You may pay the balance at time of order but i prefer payment 2 weeks prior so I am not holding your money for an extended period.  When it comes time to collect payment you must be able to make payment at time of request , I run a very lean shop not just fabricating ovens if i cannot get a hold of you I will move onto the next persons order

In addition to our payment terms, we understand that many small shops these days pull scams or other things. it does work both ways, in the past we used to take minimal deposits, spend 10-15hrs assembling an order only to not get paid. if you have your doubts just give a call i'm sure we can work out an arrangement that suits us both for payments 

5. Shipping, we can help provide a shipping quote, we have a few options for freight that the end user can arrange and pay for on their side using a brokerage company

Please note that our ovens are built to order.  If you have a certain deadline that you need the product by, please take into consideration our lead time when you place the order.  We are not held responsible for jobs that are left unfinished because you do not have your equipment and did not leave sufficient time between the date you placed the order and the date you needed the product.